What to do with your Hair Extensions when at Home

What you can do at home to maintain, care and save your hair extensions. You invested in beautiful Hair, it's time to take care of them. Did you know with Loukachic Hair you can keep your Hair up to a year with the proper care. 

Nothing transforms your look like quality, luxury hair extensions. The issue is that, often, people are unsure how to care for their new extensions properly. Taking care of your hair extensions isn't complicated, and with the right aftercare, your hair extensions will look fabulous around the clock. To help you get started and maintain your luscious new locks, here's what you should know about choosing the best products for your hair extensions. 


Just like your natural hair, hair extensions benefit from conditioning treatments. To best nourish your hair extensions, it's best to use a leave-in conditioner or a deep conditioner which you leave on for at least 30 minutes. Choose a conditioner which doesn't contain harsh chemicals, such as silicones or sulfates, to prolong the life of your extensions. 

Dry Shampoo 

Don't wash your hair for at least 48 hours after you get your extensions. After that, you can use dry shampoo in-between washes to keep your roots grease-free. Choose a dry shampoo with added keratin to help your hair grow and regenerate, and go for paraben-free, sulfate-free shampoos. 

Hair Extension Shampoo

If it's available, purchase a specialist hair extension shampoo for hair washing, and don't wash your hair more than 2-3 times per week. Hair extension shampoos are gentler than regular shampoos, but they're just as effective and leave your hair soft, shiny, and clean. 

We recommend our Leonor Greyl "Bain Vistalisant B"

Heat Protection Spray 

If you're using heated styling products, such as straighteners, flat irons or curlers, you should use a heat protection spray. These sprays leave the hair strands less vulnerable to heat damage, meaning your hair extensions are less likely to break or split. Remember, you should offer your hair extensions the same TLC you show your natural hair. 

Hair Oil

Hair extensions don't have a natural source of nourishment the way that your regular hair does, which is why it's important to keep it hydrated. Gently apply a hair oil containing argan oil or jojoba oil to the hair ends no more than 2-3 times per week to avoid a greasy feel. Don't apply hair oil to any hair extension bonds--you don't want to loosen the bonding! Use our Best Seller, Leonor Greyl Oil Treatment. Organic, and cruelty free, you will fall in love with its scent. 


Soft Bristle Brush

With hair extensions, the brush you use is super important. You don't want to apply too much tension to the hair root, particularly if you're wearing extensions. Starting from the bottom up, take a soft bristle brush gently through the hair, using your other hand for extra support if necessary. Look after your hair extensions, and they'll keep you looking fabulous for longer. 


A final point--with hair extensions, a little TLC goes a long way!