Make every day fabulous with LOUKACHIC HAIR. We are your source of premium-quality, European-cuticle, tape-in hair extensions. Each lock of real, human hair is expertly woven in a thin weft that blends seamlessly with natural hair. Our tape-ins can add volume and length to your hair, give it natural-looking highlights, and enhance your overall appearance.

How to Use:

To apply, attach a weft (pre-coated with medical-grade adhesive strip) on your real hair close to the scalp. Paste a second weft on the other side and keep a thin layer of real hair in-between to serve as their anchor. The extensions allow hair to grow naturally, so the gap between the roots and where the wefts are attached will become noticeably wider after a month or so.

After four to seven weeks, you can reposition the wefts closer to the scalp to maintain your hair’s fullness from root to tip.

With LOUKACHIC HAIR tape-ins, your locks can look professionally-styled every day. Hassle-free and painless, tape-in hair extensions are the best if you want to avoid spending long hours in the salon undergoing painful hairstyling techniques that could damage your hair and hurt your scalp.

We give you straight and curly tape-ins in a wide range of colors. Browse below or contact us to inquire about the availability of specific colors and textures.

General Specifications:

  • 20 pieces
  • 1.5 inch-wide wefts
  • 22 inches hair length
  • Reusable by 3x